Assisted Living Homes in Alaska

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Dan Benton, with Real Estate Brokers of Alaska, is experienced in assisted living home transactions. If you have a property to sell that is being used or can be used as an assisted living facility, call Dan at (907) 727-5279 for a listing package.

Properties with Assisted Living Potential

Give me a call if you would like more information or to schedule a viewing on any of these. Dan, 907-727-5279

Latest Update: 02-22-24

3 Bed-3 Bath in Spenard

7 Bed - 3 Bath in Northeast Anchorage

6 Bed - 4 Bath in Spenard

8 Rooms - 5 Baths - 2 Kitchens in Sand Lake

Assisted Living Home Resources for Alaska

Assisted Living Homes in Anchorage
Current Excel file of Licensed Facilites
Current State of Alaska Assisted Living Webpage

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